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First let me say this…I can not understand how the Good LORD can love me…and yet I know He does…I have COMMITED so many sins in my life and could in my futures…I hope and pray I do not…I have made HUGH mistakes in this life…I make mistakes almost every day…many days I do not know I make mistakes…yet I know the Father sent His Son to pay for my sins….I am only a human...from the desert... So if I get things wrong…it is because I am human. Yet I know I am forgiven because of what Christ Jesus did at Mount Calvary…were He defeated the forces of the Darkness…Jesus, of Natherh …shed His blood…He did not spill His Blood. Jesus Christ gave up His life in my place and yours…it was enough…this I know because He rose again the third day and ascended to Heaven…I met Him...gave my life and heart to Him centuries ago...and He will SOON RETURN to this planet…as King of kings and LORD of lords! I am NOT ASHAMED of the Gospel of Christ Jesus! This website will include subjects I study, as I am lead to share. This will be a “JOURNEY WITH A PURPOSE”. Some weeks I may get fired up and speak my mind…I am a work in progress. At this point in my life, I would not really change it to much. Simply because of all my mistakes, wrong ways of thinking…I know what I now know….(until I received the mind of Christ Jesus)…this was the very reason I needed a Savior. I was a sinner who was lost and dying in my sins…because the Creator of all that is good is the Holy One and requires Righteousness and Justice and I was quilty of sins that required the death penalty; a debt I could not pay and/or correct…I was on my way to the PLACE OF PUNISHMENT; a place I call “TARTARUS”…until one day in my life my mother-in-law shared the Gospel of Christ Jesus with me. That was the best day of my life…because I realized how the Good Lord sought me out so I could be redeemed and cleansed of my sins that I had committed against the Creator, against others and myself. I was not looking for the Good LORD when He found me…She gave me a KJV Bible…which I began to read and study. I wanted to know more about this Savior and Redeemer who loves His Creation…even one such as I. I have not found one error or mistake in my KJV Bible and believe all other versions are GMOed by the demons of Darkness to keep humans from realizing who Christ Jesus really is. I implore you to read the Bible yourself…ONLY THE KING JAMES VERSION!!! Other versions have been GMOed as I have said. Forget what other humans have told you about the Bible and just read it for yourself…the Old Testament tells us of what a HOLY CREATOR requires of His Creation; His laws given to Moses at Mount Sinai, and of a coming REDEEMER AND SACRIFICE FOR THE SINS OF THE WORLD. This planet we call Earth, is corrupted by the sin of the first humans and reveals to us information of the fallen angels and how these fallen angels influence mankind all through these ages. The New Testament reveals to us a new covenant that we have with the Father of Light…’The Way’ home…where we will receive a new body… B.I.B.L.E. = Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth Read it for yourself and as Doug Hagmann says..."SADDLE FOR BATTLE!"

Stop the murdering of millions of America citizens

by Coach Dave Daubenmire I don’t know if you ever used the phrase Olly olly oxen free or not. We used to do it when we were kids. It was what we called out when we were playing hide and go seek and realized that one of our friends had hidden himself so well that […]

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