here are some like Pastor Mike Hoggard and Pastor Paul and Heidi BEGLEY are such treasures… and along with the Hagmann’s and Shelia and others like Russ Dizdar and LA Marzulli, they are waking people up to what time it is. The pastors in America are wolves and snakes for the most part…how many even talk about stuff like this…except a very few others…and then teachers and preachers lie to people about the so called doctrine of the RAPTURE when the word RAPTURE IS NOT EVEN IN THE BIBLE…some Christians will be here to see the one who will call himself god…and the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION…study your Bibles. There is no seven year TRIBULATION either. Better brace yourselves folks…it is about to get much, much worse…worse than you think, beginning THIS NEXT SPRING (2018) and for the next few years! And oh, by the way; there just is no SEVEN YEAR TRIBULATION PERIOD IN THE BIBLE…it will be a COVENANT signed for seven years but no SEVEN YEAR TRIBULATION; I think every one can discuss this in love, or even debate the issue; but in love; with our Bibles, pen and paper…We be TRIBULATING FOURTY-TWO MONTHS OR 3 1/2 YEARS…read the book of Daniel and Revelation…have a nice day. No matter what we believe; the KJBible is the final Authority in ANY MATTER❣️❣️🙏. Please read your KJBible for yourself…any other book calling itself a Bible is a GMOed version and FRAUDS ALL.