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“i think you would be horrified and shocked”
if you were to witness an innocent person who was doing nothing wrong chopped to pieces right in front of your eyes 3 feet from you by a murderer.

What if you were splattered with the blood??

How is “abortion” different just because you don’t see it?

You know my Heavenly Father sees it every single time.
Here are a few numbers for you.
And you say we don’t have the right to deny the murder of babies.
You must think our taxpayer dollars are well spent murdering babies?
By their fruits you shall know them.
Your fruit tells me you are more a Liberal than a Christian.
The fruit of the lips.
Yes. i listened. And so did the Holy Spirit.
We were both grieved.
Abortion statistics in the United States
Year Number of Abortions reported to CDC induced abortion ratio per 1,000 live births
2010 765,651 228
2011 730,322 219
2012 699,202 210
He has every right to be Righteously Angry by now.
If thinking of this “hurts your feelings” it should.
It is evil.
Evil should be abhorrent to you, not tolerable.
i prayed to have the heart of my Heavenly Father, with His desires, and His values.
The night of the car accident is when He gave me His Heart.
His heart abhors murder of babies.
You should read about it in His Word, how He “felt” about the Israelites offering their babies and children to false gods.
What is done by planned parenthood is worse.
i plan to send this to you written because you need to understand that my Heavenly Father’s cup is FULL and OVERFLOWING on the murder of babies.
And if these words are “like bullets” — i hope they wake you up because it’s time.
Better His Words to wake you up than being hit by fiery flaming hailstones.
B’Shem Adonoi Yahshua HaMeshiach